Call for Sessions

Call for Workshops & Sessions

We invite proposals for workshops and sessions to the EnviroInfo 2018, held in Garching near Munich, on September 5-7, 2018 at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ).

Submission deadline: January 18, 2018
Extended submission deadline: March 21, 2018

Detailed Guidelines

Proposals should be written in English and not exceed four pages in length. Proposals should contain:

1. Motivation and objectives of the workshop

  • ~300 words with the motivation and objectives of the workshop topic. (Note: If your workshop is accepted then this description will be used as early publicity for the workshop.)
  • A more detailed discussion of the anticipated outcomes of the workshop (e.g., open research problems to pursue, validation objectives, empirical studies, etc.).

2. Workshop format and required services

  • What will be the format for the workshop (e.g., paper presentation and discussion, posters, keynotes, breakout sessions, panel-like discussions, experiments, or a combination thereof)?
  • How do you plan to make the workshop interactive and result-oriented?
  • Which roles and responsibilities will you assign to participants during the workshop (e.g., presenter, discussant, facilitator, etc.)?
  • What are the requirements in terms of rooms, equipment, and support staff (i.e., student volunteers)?
  • Workshop organizers can work with the workshop chairs to specify the services and facilitation support that they wish to employ.

3. Target audience

  • What backgrounds should the workshop attendees have?
  • What is the range (min, max) for number of attendees for the workshop?
  • Is the workshop open to all conference participants or by invitation only?
  • What mix of industry and research participants is being sought?

4. Workshop contributions and evaluation

  • What types of contribution are being solicited for the workshop (e.g., full papers, position papers, posters, demos, experiments, or other interactive sessions)?
  • What type of evaluation process will be used?
  • For scientific workshops that solicit submissions: The potential program committee (i.e., how large will the PC reviewing the papers be)?
  • How do you intend to evaluate the level of success and type of contribution of the workshop itself?

 5. Workshop duration

  • Indicate if you plan for a half-day workshop or a full-day workshop.

Submission Instructions

Please submit your workshop proposal to before March 21, 2018.

Duties of workshop organizers

  • Write a summary of the workshop on 1-2 pages to be included in the conference proceedings.
  • Responsible for managing papers for the workshop, including designing a submission and selection process.
  • If the workshop has proceedings, cooperate with the publication chair on this.
    Evaluation Criteria 
All workshop proposals will be reviewed by the workshop chairs and they will come up with a suggestion to the program chair and general chairs, who will take final decision. Acceptance will be based on:
  • Relevance to the conference topics (See the description/background information at the conference site)
  • Evaluation of the workshop’s potential to advance the state of research and/or practice or bridging disciplines, between research and practice.
  • Potential for attracting an appropriate number of participants
  • Organizers’ ability to lead a successful workshop
  • Overall composition of the workshop topics

The event will be organized in close cooperation with the Technical Committee of Environmental Informatics of the German Informatics Society.

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